Friday, January 14, 2011

Top 10 Rooms With Black Walls

 Black walls can be sophisticated, elegant, dramatic, or high tech and edgy.
Ultimately, achieving a certain style will depend on the accent colors and materials that you use in the room. Traditional furnishings and wainscot painted white is a classic look in a black room. In the photo above, the dark floors anchor the seating arrangement.

Modern furnishings and art create a crisp, serene space.
 Black walls are a superb back drop for artwork. 

Elle Decor
For large group of photos, it's like having a border around the grouping, pulling it all together and...

A single piece of art will just pop off the wall. Aren't the chairs gorgeous?!
Lighting is so important in all interiors but especially in a room with dark walls.
A sconce becomes a highlighted  piece of art casting light around itself.

Ralph Lauren Home
How glamorous! Always consider how one room flows into the next. I chose this room because of the 
all white adjacent room. It makes the space that much better. 

My son's room.
(Check out the entire mural and others  HERE)
 Personally, I have two rooms with black walls (my sons bedroom, above, and in the family room, below). Then again, practically every piece of clothing I own is black or white, oh wait, I have some gray pieces as well.  I want to say black is my favorite color, but I can't, because after taking Color Theory 101 I know that black isn't a color, technically, it's the absence of color. 

Black accent walls.
So, What do you think, love it or hate it? It takes some confidence rolling out black paint on your walls but if it's something you were considering I hope these rooms have inspired you to take the next step. Do you have a room with black walls? Leave a comment or send me a picture I'd love to hear from you! 

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  1. Michelle - this is so inspirational, and just in time for spring fever. Keep it coming - I love it! -Karen C.

  2. Thank you so much Karen. I've been doing this under wraps until yesterday when I finally invited friends to take a look. I really appreciate the feedback! Michelle

  3. Hi Michelle, you continue to amaze me! Your work, ideas and inspirations are wonderful! I love the color black on a wall. All the samples of the rooms you posted really show how great a room would look with using black paint! Not sure if I'm that brave to use it in my house though. But I would certainly take your advise! You've never steered me wrong! Keep the updates coming! I love this blog! Congratulations!!
    Your biggest fan, Mary

  4. Thank You Mary, I can always count on you for support!