Monday, January 24, 2011

A New Collection of Home Furnishings

Just a quick post today-I want to introduce you to Cococozy. Around our house, if I start talking about my new blog endeavor, my kids will often chime in with "mom wants to be like Cococozy (usually with a roll of the eyes)! Well, I was inspired by that particular blog and shortly after I started following it, the lawyer by day, blogger by night, launched her own line of home decor! Wow, I do want to be like Cococozy! 
Here is just a sampling:

COCOCOZY Logo cotton knit reversible throws

COCOCOZY Quatrefoil

COCOCOZY Bedding:  Euro Shams and Boudoir Pillows

Check out her entire Spring 2011 Collection HERE!

I'll be back tomorrow with some inspiration for "Interiorscaping" your home.


  1. * Hello, Michelle~

    I've been enjoying reading (& back-reading) your blog... I think it's great that you just FORGED AHEAD to "git 'er dun"(!), as the commercial on TV says!

    I'm a design-lover AND animal-lover like you, so am looking forward to reading & seeing MORE! (My husband thinks I read WAAAAAY too many blogs on a regular basis, but, well... it's "my chocolate", so to speak!!!).

    Warmest wishes for fun & "success" with this ALREADY-DELIGHTFUL blog!

    Linda in AZ *

  2. Linda, You wouldn't believe how excited I am to know that someone, practically on the other side of the country, noticed my blog. Thank you for the comment -it makes forging ahead much more exciting! Michelle

  3. Don't we all...her new line is stunning!! Thrilled to find your blog - I'm your newest follower ~