Thursday, January 27, 2011


I wasn't planning on getting a new post up today but I just sat down to look at my blog and I had a comment with a question. I just love comments (and questions)! 
The question pertained to terrariums and might I have any ideas for containers. I do have a little experience with them, in fact, it was the summer project here at the Samoraj's and no little project mind you. Actually, like usual, it started little and then, well, you know... a forty gallon tank, a filter system, assorted plants from the yard, several earthworms and two turtles later we not only have a terrarium, we have a paludarium (half terraium, half aquarium)! I would just go take a picture of it but the turtles have eaten all of the plants and it's just not that attractive at the moment -trust me it won't inspire anything good! The images below, on the other hand, just might. 

I thought this was pretty cool. The small opening might pose a challenge getting plants in but I'm sure with a little patience it would be worth it.

Any clear glass container will work. I think the mason jars would look great lined up on a kitchen window sill. You could start some basil, parsley or marigold seeds. 

Get creative with the "gravel"  use marbles, sea shells, or colored gravel that coordinates with the room decor.

Like little rolling hills, I love the simplicity. 

Thank you Vanilla & Thyme for inspiring me to squeeze this post in tonight. Also, I think I will give that paludarium a good cleaning tomorrow so I can get a picture of it. It truly was a worthwhile experience for the kids. I followed instructions from an old Martha Stewart for Kids magazine. Here is the link:


Updated: Jan. 31, 2011
PS. For all those waiting to see the paludarium here it is!


  1. Thank you so much Michelle! The pictures are beautiful - you've inspired me to pull out some of my unused crystal and start a little project! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful designs and ideas-