Monday, January 31, 2011

Interior Windows

Watercolor; by Walter Mosley
(available for purchase)
Today I'd like to tell you a little about my design philosophy. When I'm asked to redesign a room the first thing I visualize is what the room looks like without anything in it. Notice that I said redesign and not redecorate. I think that, because I originally started in the field of architecture, I prefer that first, the room can stand on its own architecturally. Perhaps more simply stated, is the room interesting with nothing in it. As I continue to blog I will describe a variety of ways to do that, some are simple and some more elaborate. Usually the only thing that separates the two, is time and money (isn't that always the catch!). Obviously, preference also plays a major part. One way I like to add architectural interest to a room, is by the use of interior windows. Admittedly, this is an example that is not always applicable but it just so happens I saw this image today (below) and it inspired me to bring up the subject. 

You can consider adding a transom window if you have a doorway or opening between rooms that is at least eight feet high. 

Transom windows can be fixed or operable. 

I came across this lovely post by Vintage Simple also about interior windows. Aren't these rooms so much more interesting because of a simple architectural feature: a window!

Here, the small partition wall and window allow the space to feel open but  perform the practical task of  concealing shoes and coats and creating a draft block when the door is opened.

Here again there was a need to create a physical separation between the entryway and the adjoining room.
In our home, we also decided to separate the mudroom (aka the decompression room) from the kitchen. We used a French door with a transom window. On days like today, when the temps are in the single digits, it really helps to keep the cold air out! 

A wall with windows, much more interesting than a wall. It also serves the purpose of letting the light flow in from the kitchen. Notice the tray on the table- I love it. Trays will be the topic of an upcoming blog. It is one of my must haves in practically every room. More on that soon! Back to the topic- Considering the architectural features in a room will always be my first step in redesigning a room and from there it's a little bit different every time.

Hope you enjoyed the visit. Let me know what you think!

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