Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Designer's Home: Vicente Wolf
This month I started getting seed and plant catalogs in the mail from the various nurseries that I've ordered from in the past. I love sitting with a cup of tea, on a snowy day in January, flipping through page after page of perennials and roses in full bloom. I promise myself that this year is going to be the year that I don't let a single weed exist and I will feed my roses every week and so on. How I long for gardening and the smell of dirt but for now I tend to my "interiorscape" aka the houseplants in my house. 

Another room in Vicente Wolf's home. Elle Decor 
In design, you think about visually pulling the outside in, well, I like to physically pull it in. Don't be afraid to use what are typically thought of as outdoor garden containers inside your home. Not only does it look earthy and unexpected, it's actually quite practical because here in the northeast, you need to give them refuge from the elements anyways.

Many house plants need humidity. If you have a sunny spot near a window in your bathroom, oh how your plants will love you! Occasionally spraying them with a fine mist sprayer works as well.


Now that's a clever idea. I guess if it holds dirt you can put a plant in it. 

Below are Southern Living Magazine's Top Six Houseplants that anyone can grow. 

1. Moth Orchids

2. Succulents

3. Anthuriums

4. Indoor Flowers
Pick up whatever  is blooming at the local grocery store.
5. Primroses
Aren't these cheerful? 

6. Peace Lillies
Did you get some inspiration for displaying your plants? I just love decorating with iron urns, concrete planters and statues indoors. Do you? If you do, are you reluctant to move them out, in the spring, like I am? I think I just need more of them!

Hope you enjoyed your visit,

PS Today I picked up supplies for a couple of projects. Can't wait to share! 

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  1. I absolutely love the miniature terrariums - the kits are so expensive though - I've seen them done in butter domes. Any other ideas?