Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pulling Together Mismatched Chairs

I came across these decorative decals on This Old House website (http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/) What a clever idea for pulling together a bunch of mismatched chairs.

Love hosting dinner parties and big holiday gatherings, but hate hauling out your collection of mismatched chairs? Before the event arrives, give orphaned chairs with flat backs a cohesive look with a coat of paint and decorative decals in dressed-up furniture styles. The decals go on in a few simple steps (just make sure the surface is clean and smooth before transferring the design) and peel off easily when the look wears thin. 

Blik's Classic Chair Backs; about $30 for a set of six; whatisblik.com

 The decals, I think, are very economical but of course it has my head spinning with ideas! Anyone have some chairs I can experiment on?!


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  1. These decals are brilliant! I saw your comment over at COCOCOZY and thought I'd check out your new blog. Consider me a follower :)