Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Things Are Just Better In Pairs

European Cat in Malta by Isy Ochoa, oil on canvas
Okay, sometimes I just have to laugh at myself. Last night, before I went to bed, I jotted down a post idea and this morning I realized that I actually published that idea- oops! So here is the rest of my AWOL post.

House Beautiful
This photo is one of those photos that completely inspires me. I love everything about it. The walls are so incredibly beautiful. (Oh honey, your to do list just got longer, I think we need to paint our foyer-again!). The console and the turquoise lamps- just my style. In this traditional house, the large scale design on the walls and the modern striped rug bring the space up to date. The design is by the very talented designer, Tobi Fairley

One Kings Lane

A pair of lamps on either side of wall art is a simple way to pull this scenario together. I have been considering painting a greek key motif around the sides of my white dining room table but I think I like this simplified version better. What do you think? A bit more modern?

Westchester magazine, photo by  Phillip Ennis, via Room Remix blog
A pair of vases, candlesticks or a pair of anything works equally as well.

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane
Lamps in pairs. You see it all the time in design because it works! Not into so much symmetry? In future posts I will show some ideas for creating asymmetrical table scapes. Btw, One Kings Lane is one of my favorite resources. I get email updates from them and that's what prompted this post. Many of the lamps above are available through that website. Even if you're not buying, their website is full of great, inspiring ideas!

Pair of Mirrors by Vicente Wolf
Vicente Wolf, another favorite of mine. You will definitely be seeing more of his work in future posts.

Photo by Moisses Esquenazzi via Cococozy

Just for fun, I have to show you these bedrooms, each with a pair of twin beds.

Photo by Katie Leede via Cococozy
Pairing objects creates a sense of order and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Repetition and symmetry are a couple of the hallmarks of classic design and as you saw here, that's not to say it's unoriginal or uncreative. Generally speaking, what do you like better, symmetrical or asymmetrical designs?

Have a great day, and look for another "Fun Friday Post" tomorrow, 

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