Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Piano Room Update

Finally, I can share with you a couple of "finds" that I have found and at the same time, give you an update on the piano room. 

By the way, I hate calling it the piano room- 
same as I don't like calling the family room, the TV room. I've tried music room, sitting room- they sound so foo foo! In traditional terms, I think it would be called a parlor but can you imagine me trying to get the family to go along with that- not happening. 
Any ideas?

Any how, so often bloggers are showing off their bargain finds from flea markets and salvage shops and I've been wanting to get out and do that kind of shopping more. I used to go to auctions and antique shows all of the time but not so much recently so thank you fellow bloggers for inspiring me with all of your great finds!
It's my turn!

Isn't it GORGEOUS! ...and there was a PAIR. It was love at first sight when I saw the pair, no shades, just wrapped up in the cords. Then I picked one up and knew I had to have them- they are so heavy! 
We are not talking Lucite here.

Just perfect for the console table in the piano room.

 I picked up the console table years ago at a house sale. I painted it black and I've thought about changing out the mirror top- It has kind of a dated smokey finish but I've learned to like it and the glam period it represents.

I put my redesigned stool underneath so that it can be pulled up to the table for extra seating. I like that it grounds the console table but I've had my eyes on a pair of these ottomans:

Ballard Designs
I'm thinking something more solid would work better under the table.

My husband just cut a seat out of plywood so that I can reupholster my other stool with matching fabric. I wanted the additional thickness because I would like to put nailhead trim around the edge. 
You know- my favorite bling!

At the same place I found the lamps, I also saw this hanging lamp. I mentioned that I loved it to my mom and to my husband. I was pretty sure one of them would get it for me and my mom did- apparently the hubster tried but my mother offered more money. They really should communicate better!

Of course, I had to take it apart and give it a little of it's own bling- 
A gold interior.

I used Rub n Buff on the inside (Grecian Gold).

I had to paint the outside since my gold spread a bit. I painted it the same white as the furniture.


More Rub n Buff on the hardware.

Doesn't it make a huge difference?
The piece on the left is done, the one on the right is not.

Not a huge fan of the swagged chain but at least I could make it look better. I used Rub n Buff on the chain as well- it just gets rid of the icky gold and gives it a buffed gold look. 

Now an update on the piano. I AM GOING TO PAINT IT! I mean it this time. I have an entire board on my Pinterest devoted to pianos. It's been such a hard decision. I think you are going to like my idea- I know Miles Redd would! The final decision is Farrow and Balls Hauge Blue. You know the one. Here's the now famous Miles Redd kitchen:

Gosh, isn't that a gorgeous color! At a hundred bucks a gallon it should be! 

I have a feeling that the F&B swatch is going to be almost black. I've picked what I think is a similar color from my C2 fandeck but I'll wait to get my F&B sample to make up my mind on the brand that I will use.  
I'll keep you posted- so to speak :)

PS- I'm waiting on a quote from the upholsterer regarding the furniture- I'll keep you posted on that as well.


  1. You did find that honey hole. The lamps are lovely and just perfect for your room. Those are so timeless you will enjoy them for years. Good shopping. Kathy

  2. Love the lamps but especially the hanging lamp. Can't wait to see the piano painted. I don't think you are crazy on the color. I like it!


  3. That pair of lamps is the first thing that caught my eye. Love em! Great finds.

  4. I love your glass lamps, they're fabulous!!!! Now what did you pick them up for? Curious. My husband would love your architectural prints but don't tell him but I have some for his birthday. You found some good buys, congrats!

    1. Debra, Forty for the pair! She said fifty at first and I thought she meant a piece but when she said for the pair- my heart skipped a beat. I could barely hold back my excitement!

  5. The lamps and that pendant are awesome!!! What great finds! I really love the pendant, really love. And that paint color is so handsome and dare I say, luscious! What about the library? Is that fitting for the room?

  6. It looks the architectural prints and the light fixture is gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you! A couple of readers have mentioned the prints. They were from Ballard (about twenty years ago!). The frames I made- the tutorial is on my sidebar.

  7. And what a perfectly *FABULOUS* update! You are so right, those lamps are GORGEOUS...the shape of them is amazing. And that little leopard bench is fabulous. It makes me want some leopard print of my very own (c:

  8. Your room is completely gorgeous!!! I love all the new additions to the room and I am going to be very impatiently waiting to see that piano painted!!

  9. Ooooh, I lurrrrrve those lamps - you lucky thing!! They are gorgeous!! And the light dances of them beautifully!!

    Your whole room is lovely - I can just imagine how warm and cosy it must feel in there!


  10. Those lamps are stunning! :D Your piano room is so pretty, and I think your piano painted that deep blue will be so pretty. You have gotten so much accomplished in there! I can't wait to see the upholstery when it's done.

  11. I love that blue very cool, and I too am wanting to re-upholster a stool for my new chair, just have to find one first, can't wait to see what you come up with...and I was thinking that a New Years birthday is cool cause everyone is already celebrating with a party right? Does your child like that birthday now their are at teenage years?

  12. Oh My gosh, I LOVE the idea of painting the piano! It would look fabulous! I love that blue. And what a great find with those lamps... very chic!

  13. Omg, those lamps are gorgeous. Lucky you! And I'm DROOLING over the little glimpse of the piano room you're allowing us. LOVE the idea to paint the piano blue. Can't wait to see the finished room!

  14. Oh wow you have made so many beautiful changes!

    How about calling it the lounge or drawing room.


  15. I love the hanging lamp, and I am partial to the chain, call me a weirdo, but I like it! Leopard is my fav right now and that paint color is spectac!! $100 a gallon though? Yikes

    Xx. Patience

  16. call it a lounge!