Thursday, January 5, 2012

Clever and Chic Kitchen Storage

Piggy backing off my last post Perfectly Organized Pantries
I bring you more storage and organization ideas.  

sweet kitchen storage on 33 creative ideas and beautiful design of the storage of kitchen equipment
Unless we add an addition to our house, we simply will never have a butler's pantry- I need to get over it! Open shelving can be an attractive option- it certainly is a functional one. 
By using baskets, much of the clutter can be disguised.

Clustering appliances and canisters on a shelf,  instead of having them spread out on the counters, not only frees up counter space but makes for a more visually expansive space and reduces that cluttered look. 

White and Black Kitchen
The down side of open shelving for me has always been the dust and grease factor. 
I guess you have to weigh the pros and cons. The other thing of course, is finding the space for open shelves.
Consider this:

Putting shelves right across the windows is actually an option. (Also, notice the shelf over the window.) Why haven't I thought of this?! One of the reasons I have a storage problem is because one of my walls is windows, duh!- put shelves right over the windows! 
More storage plus a place to grow herbs- sounds like a 2012 project.

Cabinets often frame windows, but in this kitchen, shelves span the opening, which backlights the green and turquoise glasses.
Southern Living
Or...shelves around the windows as well as in front of them.

If your storage is out of reach- you will have an excuse to get a rolling ladder. 
That's as good of a reason as any!

kitchen storage on 33 creative ideas and beautiful design of the storage of kitchen equipment 5
No room in the kitchen, shelves in an adjacent eating area- just as useful.
Isn't this pretty?

Apartment Therapy 
And to wrap it up, 
If you have an open shelf with an open bracket, you will have a place to display a random branch. 
Now that's pretty cool :)  ...and functional!

Tomorrow, some more fun and creative ideas!


  1. I never would have imagined putting a shelf in front of a window, but it looks great. Love that twig on the last one too.

  2. I'm with you I couldn't have open shelving because of dust and grease. People have no idea how far and wide grease travels on its own. I do love that first idea but once again....dust and grease. Good luck with your storage but I say add onto the house....;)

  3. That last image with the branch is pretty cool. I like that! I need to figure out a system for my magazines.

  4. Great new ideas for more storage, thanks!!! Love that last picture too.

  5. Wonderful ideas! I'm loving the one with the rolling ladder. Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  6. These are great alternatives. Another idea I've seen a lot of lately is to bring an upper cabinet all the way down to the countertop. Of course, that'll only work if you have counter space to spare!