Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Perfectly Organized Pantry

Happy New Year!
Was your holiday season everything you hoped it would be? 
I'm in that I hate to see it go (but I'm glad at the same time) because I'm in desperate need of routine! I was invoking marathon running strategy the few days leading up to Christmas. I had one of the chants that I murmur to myself toward the end of a race, running through my head more than once- 
"just get there, just get there"! 
It was an amazing, crazy "race" with a glorious "finish"!

So long holiday season!
(via Shadetree Photography)

Onward we go...
When I think of January, I think of organizing. I'm sure I'm not alone. After the weight of the holiday decor, getting it all packed up and put away feels like loosening a belt. It's a fresh new start. 
My posts this week are all about organization and I'll start with the pantry!

Unfortunately, I can only dream of having a pantry and doesn't this pantry look dreamy? I can see myself sitting amid my perfectly organized shelves, with Gourmet magazine and a cup of tea-
I wonder if it's sound proof ;)

But wait...look at this one

A pantry behind a a pair of bookcases- love it! As if books and pantry adjacent to one another isn't enough... the french doors, transom window and gorgeous light fixture make it extraordinarily perfect.

via bhg.com

I think I'm partial to light colored pantries....

but the black cabinetry and white countertops are stunning and dramatic, especially since there is a  natural light.

Here are a few from Country Living magazine:

via Country Living 
Love the three panel door with chalkboard paint.

via Country Living
A lively color with ornate fret work.

via Country Living
How about replacing an ordinary door with a brightly painted screen door.

Crown Point Cabinetry via Old House Online
This one is a classic butler's pantry. What a luxury to have a sink, among other amenities, in the pantry.

Plain and Fancy Cabinetry, located in Pennsylvania, designed this traditionally styled dish pantry. Note the use of beadboard and wood countertops.
Plain and Fancy Cabinetry via Old House Online
Old House Online has an interesting article on designing pantries and some history as well. HERE  

Before you go check that out, you may want to consider this:

No room for a pantry? Do you have an empty hall available?
Soo jealous!


  1. Not a bad pantry in this bunch, they are all fabulous and there is something about them when done well, that makes you want to just stay in them..I guess because they are also cozy! Great roundup!

  2. If only...maybe in our next home. We do have a closet in the kitchen that we converted into a pantry and it has been amazing for storage. Before that it was just a coat closet of sorts that held a broom or two and some other random items.

  3. I have a very small pantry so I'm jealous of these large oones you can actually walk into. My pantry works for our needs but who doesn't dream of more space, these are beautiful examples.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I love your chant. I might have to borrow that when I'm running. (I stopped for a year and am just now getting back into it and it's hard, lol). Love those pantries - I would take any one of them. Sigh.

  5. Oooh, you have me drooling! I'd LOVE a pantry. These ones are just gorgeous!!

    Thank you so much for sharing - and for your lovely blog!


  6. Happy New Year, Michelle!
    Awesome post...as you know the pantry very relevant to what I've been working on recently. You'll be happy to know that I just finished painting it. Check in on Friday for the reveal!

  7. Please someone come make my closets look like this...my heaven!!