Monday, July 11, 2011

The Monday Mix: Fashion and Decor

On Mondays I choose a fashion item that looks great with it's surrounding decor. Sometimes's we mix fashion and decor accidentally (check out some previous Monday Mixes HERE and HERE) and sometimes we do it intentionally. I feature snapshots from both. 
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Ricki Jill of Art at Home was inspired by The Monday Mix: Jewelry and Decor and sent me a beautiful pairing of the two!

What a cute tablescape!

Today's Monday Mix: Silk scarves and Decor!

Rachel Joins The Fray

Obviously an intentional pairing. This framed silk scarf is a work of art and pulls together this summer seating arrangement.

Make Under My Life

A basket on the dresser to hold a couple of your current faves is both functional and decorative.


Here's a great way to display scarves that you don't wear anymore. Make them into pillows!

Elegant Decorating

Dressing up a small table is an obvious and very pretty way to use a silk scarf. 

Country Living
From elegant, (in the previous picture) to shabby chic in this home featured in Country Living magazine, silk scarves are easy table toppers.

Material Girls

Another gorgeous mix of colors and silk scarves made into pillows!


A collection of six framed scarves. 
Wouldn't it be fun to hunt for scarves at antique marts for the sole purpose of putting together a collection like this?!

My personal favorite use of a silk scarf that I found! Just tied onto the back of an office chair- the colors accent the cushion and makes the space feel personal. I love it!

If you have used silk scarves as part of your decor, send your pics to
I will feature them in next weeks post. 


  1. Hi Michelle, I love this post as I have a large black and white silk scarf from Greece that I've never been able to figure out what to do with. Would never have thought to drape it over a small table!

  2. So many fabulous ideas! Good post, Michelle!


  3. I love silk scarves and wear them all winter with my coats.

    I have one hanging at all times on my valet by my front door. It's just to darn pretty to put in the closet. Now I see many other beautiful ways to use scarves.