Thursday, July 7, 2011

Anthropologie and Capiz

I've been looking at a lot of store front designs lately. I need to design a store front for a gift shop, and I've been seeking out some inspiration. There's one place that I know I can always look for creative, out of the box, imaginative ideas! I'm talking about Anthropologie of course. Many of their storefronts have a vintage/bohemian, kind of edgy/funky style...and if brevity is the soul of wit I just failed miserably! 

The next few pics are more about the window displays than the actual storefronts but I had to share!

I mean how cool is this!

Take a closer look- what do you think? Rice paper and embroidery hoops?

Can you imagine one of these as a room divider?

How about this one?

Such a simple design! 
If I was an event planner I would definitely try to incorporate this into my next soiree! 

The colors of this one are amazing. 
I was thinking water until I took a closer look. 

After looking a bit closer, I'm thinking butterfly migration! 

via Ballard Designs

Ballard sells a capiz shell wall hanging which looks great here as a headboard accent. The Anthropologie displays reminded me of capiz shells and speaking of capiz shells- what do you think of the capiz shell lighting that has been trending for quite a while.

Lotus Flower Chandelier with Capiz Shells
via Eva Designs
Like most design elements- I think they can look amazing if they are used in the right place.

via Room
These Lotus design pendant lights from RoomNYC are stunning. I would love a on either side of the bed. 

via West Elm
West Elm's capiz lighting has more of a modern vibe.

via Cococozy
This photo taken by Coco of Cococozy was the subject of one of her Pretty or Ugly series. I'm not sure what the verdict was. What do you think?

via Decor Pad
Of all of the capiz lighting that I've seen, these are my favorite! 

Have you ever wondered what capiz shells look like in nature? 

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  1. I love those rice paper and embroidery hoops! They just look fun to me.

  2. Those Anthropologie people are so creative! I love their style. Great post!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  3. Lots of inspiration here. I'm loving the out of the box look of the "butterfly migration".

  4. everything is just gorgeous. love, love it!!!

  5. What stunning windows, and I totally agree, the Capiz lighting found from decorpad are by far the most beautiful!!

  6. Lovely post! It is a very nice curation of all things capiz. Right now, I am crushing on those lucite barstools. The fabric isn't working for me, but I love the fact that the stools let you SEE the kitchen and don't add any visual weight. The drum fixtures are my favorite, too!

  7. Anthropologie has the most creative displays. Lots of drama going on in that window. I love it!