Monday, June 20, 2011

The Monday Mix: Fashion and Decor!

Did you have a nice weekend! Mine was filled with baseball, yard work and we finished it off with a cookout- 
sounds like the quintessential summer weekend doesn't it?! So, today is the second installment of the Monday Mix. Before I show you today's Mix I'd like to show you a photograph that I received from 
Last week the The Monday Mix was Shoes and Decor

"my blue vans next to my dark wood storage chest and a french painting"
Thank you Cape on the Corner for participating! Be sure to visit her blog for a myriad of DIY, crafts, recipes, pet stories- you name it- it's a fun blog, she has quite a following!

The new Monday Mix: Totebags And Decor

Use the following  photos as inspiration for your own Tote Bags and Decor Mix. 
Send your photos to by 6/25 (Saturday night)
I will post them on Monday!
Include  name, location and brief description. 
Also, if you have a blog I will link the picture back to your blog. Be sure to include the link!



Do you have a stylish tote bag that you hang on a door knob/banister or fling in a chair (or hang on the candelabra!) and don't mind leaving it there because it really looks great with the decor. 
Those are the pictures that we want to see! 
Once again, send them to -I'll show them next Monday!

Check back tomorrow for some amazing kitchen cabinetry!

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