Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun Friday Find: Paraphernalia for a Hot Summer Night

Give me a campfire on a summer night- add an adult beverage-  and life is good.... 
but if I could add some of these accessories I imagine it might get even better than good!

Glass Ball Mason Jar Lights
Must have, must make- love, love, love!
All of these finds were featured on Etsy today- I just picked a few of my summertime favorites!

Turkish Bath Towel
Great organic texture-not your ordinary lounging towel.

Green Damask Sugar Cone Sleeves
Aren't these just so pretty!
Imagine the oohs and aahs if you brought a basket of these and a quart of ice cream outside for a dessert.

2 hand printed bike pint glasses, green bicycle
Hand Printed Pint Glasses
Give me my beer in the bottle -unless of course, you have one of these glasses :)
I think they would make a summer ale just taste better!

Smore's Ganache Cookie-Wiches-1/2 Dozen
Smores Ganache Cookie-wiches
Ganache- SERIOUSLY!  I need one!

Fireside Stories by Veronica s Hutchinson with drawings by Lois Lenski
Fireside Stories by Veronica Hutchinson
Is there anything better than sitting fireside with the kids, telling stories- there little faces all aglow!
Have a great weekend! Enjoy your summer nights!


  1. Love the mason jar lights and the Turkish bath towel. Wonderful finds, Michelle!

    Have a splendid weekend!


  2. I like every single thing, but that yellow striped bath towel takes the cake. Unless I got a bite of the s'mores. Then I might change my mind...

  3. Smores Ganache Cookie-wiches? Drool, drool! Love the bath towel too.

  4. Great finds! Love the mason jar lights!

  5. Great finds! The mason jars remind me of catching fireflies in the summertime. Happy weekend.

  6. It looks like you have everything you need! The sugar cone sleeves are too cute. Great summertime post! *love it*