Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mama's Got A Brand New Gig!

That's right- I've got a new gig. Or should I say another new gig! 
If you hate reading about peoples personal lives just skip today's post because today I'm going to tell you what I've been up to lately. 
Why? Well, because I know this latest adventure has affected my blog time for posting and for reading/commenting on other blogs and I want you to know that it's temporary! Also, life is a journey- it's forever changing and to survive you just have to roll with it, right?
Sometimes, if I'm in the right mood, I enjoy reading about peoples little triumphs in their daily lives.

My Family
Since my youngest son started a full day of school last fall, I've been attempting to expand my design business and my home and pet portrait business and the work has been steady! I also decided to start a blog, start another Facebook page, start using Twitter, open an Etsy shop, design a line of home decor accessories, as well as a line of pet inspired home decor (both of which I have yet to debut). After being a stay at home mom for over twenty years with design jobs here and there- this has been a big change! 
Did I mention I'm training for a marathon and I need to re-qualify for Boston?!
...And now, I've added one more thing and something had to be affected and definitely looking back over the last couple of weeks it was the blog and the gardens!

Time to reorganize because I love my blog and my blog buddies and all of the inspiration that I receive and that I try to pass along!

The New Gig:

Locally, we have a C2 Paint dealer. It's called Village Ace Hardware and in an effort to promote C2 paint, the store is offering in-store color consultations. Guess who loves C2 paint and decided it would be a great opportunity! That's right, me :) So three mornings a week, (Tues,Wed & Thurs for my local readers) I will be there, at the ready, helping customers to get the look they are after (and hopefully meeting some potential clients)! When I'm not consulting I will be developing a Facebook Page for them. Please go and "like it" so it looks like I know what I'm doing (I just started it)!  {It will be loaded with C2 Paint inspiration} Of course, I will blog about my new adventure, because for the store, I'm designing a "Design Consultation Area" with sample walls, lighting, different paint treatments, color options, inspiration boards, makeovers, etc. 
I know I'll want to use some of the ideas I find right here -on all of your blogs!

So please hang in there as I redesign my life, God willing it will all work out and no one will get hurt!

PS Please send me your Monday Mix photos. Here's one for inspiration:

Send photos to

PPS. Much more about the boutique paint company-C2,  in the near future - move over Farrow & Ball! {just kidding- I still <3 Farrow & Ball}


  1. Congrats! It sounds like you are going to be super busy! Can't wait to read about it when you have a moment..HA!

  2. Wonderful! It all sounds amazing- you are one busy lady!

    BTW, I really enjoy reading about other people's lives!

  3. Wow so many exciting things, suddenly my life feels a little dull:) You are quite the multitasker, you marathon running, paint export, mom wife,designer, pet decorator, blogger, twitterer-you! WOW...I am tired from just listing all that you do..and I thought I do a lot! I have some catching up to do. I am convinced keeping busy and constantly challenging yourself keeps you young!! Good luck with it all and I look forward to hearing more! Stop by..last day for the Kilim bench giveaway!

  4. Good for you...congrats!~ You sure are busy.

  5. Thank you ladies- I didn't want it to be about being busy but rather kind of an apology for not visiting your blogs more often! Everyone is busy, life is busy- I'm blessed to be doing what I love (Thanks honey!)

  6. You are a very busy girl! I am not sure how you manage all this and with a family to look after as well (They are gorgeous) It is great that you are going to be doing something that you really enjoy!

  7. You go girl! What an inspiration you are!
    We have a C2 deal locally, but I've never tried it. Perhaps you'll convince me :)