Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kitchen Cabinetry and Some Tips from Christopher Peacock

Urban, modern and cosmopolitan is how this contemporary kitchen is described on the Christopher Peacock website. The combination of natural wood and painted cabinetry is beautiful!

This kitchen just oozes quality! 
The other kitchen cabinetry that I liked on his site was the Refectory collection.

Christopher Peacock is well known for his pristine white kitchens. 

He introduced the Refectory line at Kips Bay 2007

Refectory was also used at Rockefeller Center for the 
Check out some of the beautiful features and storage options.

Polished nickle hardware on Scullery White painted cabinets. 
Oh yeah, he also has his own line of paint.The glass fronted cabinets open from either side.
The willow baskets are hand woven in England.

The leather handle on the pasta is an unexpected touch!

Pull-out towel racks- okay, everyone has those-
but these do look a bit more substantial than the usual ones.

Even the junk drawer is stylish!

Peacock says throw out all of your mismatched spice jars and buy a good quality set- if you can afford the cabinets I guess you can afford to do that.

Stainless steel bread bin.

Felt covered sterling silver drawer.

A couple more thoughts from Christopher Peacock:

Miles of countertop are a waste of time- all you need is about four feet to prepare a meal. (Hmm, I'm thinking somewhere in the middle of miles and four feet!)

He likes to start a kitchen layout with a sink underneath a window so that you can look outside while standing at it.

An eight by four foot island is about as big as an island should be- or smaller.

If you are going to put a sink in the island make it substantial!

Mix counter spaces- ie. stone for baking areas, wood for a breakfast bar or desk area.

Have lots of lighting - all on dimmers!

Sounds like good advice don't you think? 


  1. Gorgeous! I love everything and the felt drawer is such a good idea!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  2. Wow, his stuff is beautiful. I agree with you that more than 4 feet of countertop is a good idea. Maybe if everyone didn't try to use the same 4 feet at the same time it would work but that doesn't seem to happen at our house, lol.

  3. Glad to have found your blog:) I agree that somewhere between 4 feet (kinda tight) and miles is perfect.

  4. Those are fabulous kitchens. I'm really into ceilings and that one from the Refectory line (did I get that right?) is to die for!

    Wouldn't it be great to have a junk drawer like that- if it can even be called that!

    I'm still planning on emailing you a picture for your Tote Bags and Decor post, but I'm having lighting issues. The light bulbs in my hall have burnt out and they're too high up for me, so I have to wait for my husband to change them.... sad, but true.

  5. Now if only my kitchen was big and grand. 100 year old homes have small kitchens. The rest of my rooms are grand. :-)

    Thanks for helping me dream.

  6. Excellent kitchen design planning tips. I'm filing them away for my eventual kitchen remodel :)