Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thirteen Perfect Powder Rooms - Just not for me!

I know, I know...I've been AWOL! It's Wednesday and my Friday post is still first up! I've been doing design stuff. With the warmer weather, I'm in a panic that I didn't get all my indoor projects done yet. So among other things, I reorganized and repainted my mudroom,  and I did a drawing for a confirmation gift for my niece. I'll show them both to you after I put the finishing touches on them. Next project up is the powder room. It's connected to the mudroom and I've been trying to find an "inspiration photo". I have to tell you this was a difficult task. The powder room, I think, is a room in the house that can be a little different. It doesn't necessarily have to "flow" like the other rooms. In my case, I also want to strike a balance between formal and a place where my kids will inevitably fill water balloons and wash dirty baseballs!  I guess I'm going to have to wing it because I didn't find anything I was looking for that fits my situation. I do love all of these, I really do, they are my favorites of the millions that I looked at. I just didn't have an aha! moment. At the end of the post, I listed 9 things that will make your powder room perfect (please help me think of a tenth!).

Tom Scheerer

monochromatic powder room with furniture sink cabinet, sconces and mirror

Designer: Renea Abbott

House Beautiful
Designers: Kim Coleman and Michele Greene

Allison Palladino
House Beautiful
Anne Miller

Designer: Nancy Boszhardt
Traditional Home
What do you think are the must haves for the powder room? Besides the obvious toilet, sink and mirror- I'm thinking {1} a thick luxurious hand towel, {2} a candle {3} finely milled soap (for guests), {4} liquid soap dispenser (for the kids) {5} hand lotion {6} tissues {7} artwork {8} adequate lighting {9} a plant or fresh flowers. Can you think of anything else?  Admittedly, I haven't been very good at consistently supplying half of these things but now that I've made this list I'm looking forward to accessorizing. It's not expensive to have all of these items on hand, just recognizing what it is and making a little bit of effort can make your guest feel special and you can proudly say "yes" when someone asks to use the restroom!


  1. 10)Scented Oils from Pottery Barn!

  2. I think you covered the essentials. Your inspiration photos are lovely today.

  3. I know what you mean! I'm having a similar powder room angst. I'd love to put some really bold wallpaper in there, but I'm afraid I'll get tired of it quickly.

  4. It's small so it's less expensive to re-do if you take a chance and decide you don't like it but be careful. In mine I used marble for the floor and vanity top, expensive tile on the bottom half of the wall (fifteen years ago) because I thought it's so small- it's the only room I will be able to splurge in- well now my tastes have changed but it was soo expensive to do I feel like I'm stuck with it. What was I thinking!