Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Featured Designer: Kristin Panitch

For the second installment of Featured Designer, I chose Los Angeles designer Kristin Panitch. What captured my attention about this designer is her modern, classic style. As you know, my style is a bit traditional but I'm always looking for a way to merge "a little bit of modern flair" into a room and that is just what Kristin Panitch Interiors does. Take a look at some of the spaces they have created: {and under each picture, just for fun...I spy the modern touch}

Pacific Palisades

(high contrast black and white}

{okay, maybe not every picture!}
I think this is pretty traditional (emphasis on pretty!). I'm coveting the dishwasher drawers. I've been without a dishwasher for more than a couple years because I'm holding out for those!
{graphic rug}
I need this bathroom!


{the counter stools}

{the glossy brown bookcase}
This is the photo that led me to her website. I think this is gorgeous!

{maybe not modern, but unexpected- notice the branch clad cocktail table}
Special note to Renee: notice the fireplace! (I just painted Renee's fireplace brick and mantle white)

Brentwood Polo Fields

{the dining and counter chairs}
Very traditional decor but the use of stainless and leather give it a more modern flair.

{a mix of Ikat and geometric patterns}

This is just awesome! What little kid wouldn't love these cave-like beds and workspaces! What an incredibly efficient use of space and what drama...a chandelier!
Rustic Canyon
{lucite stools}
Isn't this such a comfortable looking room. I just want to cozy up and read philosophy ;)
{graphic rug}
I think built-in beds must be part of her schtick! Anything built-in is a good thing in my book. 
All of the bathrooms, thus far,  are very traditional, vintage even. The bathroom is the one room that I don't feel compelled to bring in modern touches either. I don't know why, I'll have to ponder that!


I'll finish with an outdoor space and that's where I can't wait to be! Sitting outside, around a campfire with some friends, the kids toasting marshmallows. Our spring is delayed but soon, right? I hope!

Have an awesome day,


  1. Wow, she does beautiful work. I cannot decide which space I liked best. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to bookmark her portfolio.

  2. I agree Elizabeth. Her designs are so polished and so unpretentious. I love that.

  3. Her rooms are beautiful and actually look like people live in them! I love how cozy and comfortable they look.

  4. Thank you so much for your comment to my study on REMODELAHOLIC.
    I’m huge, that you like the space and the new desk order!
    So I’ve now found as a new follower your blog ;)

    Take care

  5. wow some gorgeous inspiration, I agree I NEED that bathroom too. Im a kitchen & bathroom designer too & I NEVER get bored about it all. Thank goodness blogland has connected me with peole who feel the same, I think my friends think Im nuts

  6. Hi and thanks so much for stopping off at my blog...I am glad you did because now I found you. Great blog and this post is amazing..so many gorgeous rooms! I especially love the green kids room, the second kitchen (the one labeled classic- stunning) and the bathroom that you NEED I will take one too! Great post..bookmarking it. Will be back..have a lovely day.
    PS Am your newest follower!

  7. Oooh, loving the inspiration photos!

  8. Like you I'm traditional but am trying to bring touches of modern into our home that mix with antiques, so far so good. These images help, that classic kitchen above is to die for! Thanks for stopping by my blog because now I also have a new blog...yours!