Friday, March 30, 2012

Modern Vintage Style

Good morning! First, let me start with a cute little story.
My eight year old son picked up a tape measure and was walking around the kitchen measuring things. I heard him say that something was sixteen inches plus tax. I questioned why he said plus tax and he explained that when something cost two dollars you actually have to pay two dollars plus a little bit more. To clarify, I asked him what he thought "plus tax" meant, to which he replied, "plus tax means a little bit more, right?" Isn't that sweet!
I said actually it means too much more!

Anyway, in my last post, I alluded to an emerging design trend where "old meets new" or "vintage meets modern" What?! you say-that's not new but, how it's being done is new.
It's more refined, more calculated. It's like shabby chic goes to the big city. More and more I've been noticing vintage furniture being updated and made to look modern either through the use of paint in modern colors or modern fabrics and patterns. 

What do you think of this sofa by Moda-USA?
modern vintage collection moda-1

modern vintage collection moda-2
I'm a huge fan of mid-century modern furniture and I'm loving pieces like this being thrown into the mix, Do you like this trend and where would you try a sofa like this?

 I think I would consider it for any one of the rooms below:

wall panels
How about in Greg Natale's gorgeous, classic foyer?

Fabulous Office Space
...or this home office

It would work next to that table and lamp.

Chandelier, silver leaf ceiling, pocket doors
How about this dining room?

This chair makes my heart skip a beat- weird, huh? 
It could see it in the same room with the sofa.

How about this room with the zebra rug? ...too much?

love this kitchen
...and wouldn't it be great in a room adjacent to this kitchen! I think that may be my favorite.
Which space from above do you think would be the best space for the Modern Blue Vintage Sofa?


  1. Oh I love that kitchen...yep in that space! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Holly- working on the post and will not move til it's done!

  2. Sorry to say I hate that mixed fabric sofa but love all the other rooms. That tax story with your son was to cute!