Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Lower Level Office Inspiration

The one question that I've been contemplating since last weekend: How do you make a basement office not look like a basement office? I did some research and of course I searched several blogs for inspiration, gathering little tips and tricks as I went. While you have a look at a very successful basement bedroom remodel by Annie Selke I will share what I learned.

When designer Annie Selke is asked about her basement bedroom makeover she say's "No, no, no- it's the lower level!" 

Color: Choose a light color and when I say light, I really mean bright and/or vivid. Also, the color of the ceiling should be lighter than the walls. The contrast will help pull the eyes up.

Vertical Elements: Try to stay away from horizontal lines. Whether it be long stretches of shelving, stripes  or picture arrangements- Yes! Those stripes make your room look short :) Vertical elements draw the eye up and will make the ceiling feel higher.

Reflective Surfaces: Mirrors, metallics, glossy finishes- do it up!

Lighting, Lighting and more Lighting: Think about all kinds of lighting 
a.) general lighting- avoid large ceiling fixtures though- you want to draw the eye up but you don't want it fixated there! Recessed cans are a great option.
b.) try to use table lamps and/or floor lamps to light the space.
c.) task lighting
d.) wall sconces- brighten up those walls

* also, try to have the lights put on the same switch so that the entire space lights up at once.
If it's in the budget you could always have the ground outside of a small basement window excavated and a window well installed- that is not in my budget. 

The above room may be perfect for a seventeen year old but it's completely not my style! 

Check out the office below that I found on theofficestylist.com

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Now, sure, this is not a basement office but it has the feel I like!

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All the furniture is glossy white and guess what I did this weekend- painted all of my office furniture glossy white. 

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Last Friday, the husband asked me what I wanted to do. I said get a bottle of wine, listen to some music and paint all of the furniture glossy white- care to join me? He did not!

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The above rug reminded me that I have a flat weave rug that I could paint. 
Another tutorial in the making!

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That was one office that I found- Isn't it pretty and serene!?

Here's another that I also would like to draw inspiration from:

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The color on the wall is more similar to the color that I'm using and lots of white glossy furniture!

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Doesn't every designers office have to have an inspiration board?

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Entirely another office but this single pop of color is so awesome- it has me thinking!

Have you done a basement bedroom or office makeover?
What's your best advice?


  1. I really like where you're going with your inspiration photos. Our basement is in desperate need of some love. We're only 1/4 of the way through the makeover process and it's sort of stagnant at this point. I was just reading a similar post about an office makeover and all of the fun ways to organize and do the inspiration boards. I love your idea of the wine, music, and painting furniture - sounds fun to me!

  2. Those are lovely lower level office...

    I love the first one,

    even the chair looks lovely and the sofa on the side looks so comfy so a little nap would be great in there...Oh just a 5 minute nap and then off you go back to work.

  3. I don't have any advice to give you, but I think the advice you gave is great. Would not only apply to a basement room, but any small room that lacks a lot of natural light. I'm excited to see what you end up doing!

  4. You are on the right track. It will be fun to follow your project and gosh how great will that be to have it finished. Lucky you

  5. Readers will truly find this office cute and playful! With all these dashing colours, perhaps they are right! :) Much thanks for sharing useful ideas in creating a fine work areas in the basement!