Monday, October 3, 2011

Dear Diary....

I'm going to try something a little different this work week and I will really, really try to not bail before the end of the week. This is going to be a busy week and as many of you know, writing posts and sourcing pictures is a time commitment, so instead, I'm going to post a journal of my projects, jobs and design related activities. I'll add pictures as I go and I hope it will be somewhat interesting (and perhaps will motivate me to get things done along the way). We shall find out! I know I have a few aspiring young designers following- come see how glamorous designing can be- haha!

So this morning I brushed my teeth and then...just kidding :)

Here we go:

* First thing this morning, I got an order for some painted pumpkins.

{I just have to laugh at myself, why am I painting pumpkins? I swear I'm cursed!}

* Visited the job site of an ongoing project to discuss exterior trim board and siding details as well as some interior design issues.
{"Very private people, No pictures please!"}

* Picked up cut wood from carpenter to make more lazy susans for my Etsy shop- Yay!

{Designs just waiting to happen- I think I'll do one "weathered " black.}

* Another meeting, this one at a business where I will be painting their logo behind their reception desk.

{Yup, that wall definitely needs something!}

* Came home armed with five cans of spray paint...and painted the chair for the piano room- Yay!

Time for a confession...I've been kicked out of the bedroom!
Seriously, My husband decided that our bedroom was no longer the place for... office!
Pretty much on a whim the mister started painting our son's basement bedroom (he's away at college and even when he's home he doesn't sleep in there anymore).

So I'm getting a new space. Below is a picture of the BEFORE.

Okay, don't judge!
I know I'm not the only one with a college kid who leaves their room looking like this!

Below is a picture that I took today:

{More design waiting to happen!}
The walls are painted Benjamin Moore's "Wetherburn's Tavern Bisque". It's a flat finish- I would have preferred an eggshell finish but we had a gallon of this from a previous project. It will do. 
I decided the ceiling should be painted- it was stained wood. The mister used our trim color, C2's "Coconut". It's a semi-gloss and it gives the room a little extra sheen- something it desperately needs with only one tiny window!

* I prepped, primed and painted an old metal cabinet that I'm going to use in my new space for storage. I'm glad to have a metal cabinet that I can use my fancy magnets on and the front is mirrors which will be great in this small space. It's getting a coat of black paint.

So that's it for this designer today. 
I really wasn't planning on doing an office/studio design but I'll be refurbishing furniture of course and I have a couple of storage ideas that I'm excited to share with you. Stay-tuned!
Now I must have a glass of wine and watch my Yankees, ahh life is good :)
Another busy day tomorrow!


  1. HA! I love seeing this "day in the life" stuff - you are a busy lady! I really love the gold sprayed pumpkin with the cat - I might have to try to spray some pumpkins this weekend. That chair for your office is great - and so exciting you're getting your own office! I would LOVE to have my own office at home - maybe in our next home.

  2. So nice to share your day with us all. We all know it's more than doing a project, taking pics, writing the post/procedures, and publishing it. So it's nice to see what you have going on. Love it!
    Thanks for sharing. Have a great week

  3. Wow you have been one busy girl! Those pumpkins are AMAZING, do you sell them? Seriously genius! I can't wait to see your new office take shape, trust me we all have college kids leaving their room like that and worse! Such fun to see a room take shape and evolve. Love that chair you spraypainted..well done!
    Thanks for the updates..good luck with it all!

  4. Holy cow! You are one busy lady! Looks like you have some fun projects up your sleeve though :)