Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Design Journal: Day 2

Hey, I'm doing it- two days in a row! (Check out yesterday's post if you don't know what I'm talking about) Today was one of those not so glamorous design days. 

*My latest design job is to draft blueprints for an addition in a nearby town. It was beautiful when I left my house- it was raining at their house. Woo hoo,  schlepping around in the rain, measuring a house!

I used to sketch the house on site when I was doing measurements of an existing structure but I've gotten smarter. I snap a few pictures at the initial meeting and print them. They are a handy tool for writing notes and dimensions on.

See the red splotches- I sliced my finger on a piece of torn siding. Awesome!

*On the way home I stopped at Joanne Fabrics big liquidation sale (they are moving to a new location) I found two bolts of fabric marked 50% off. A blue microsuede and a cream. Potential fabrics for the piano room settee and chair. Look at the ENORMOUS swatches that the woman cut for me to bring home:

I like the blue but not exactly what I was looking for.
The other one definitely not light enough.
Remember my inspiration photo:

Remember the chair and settee:

So I guess I will keep looking.

Back at home:

*Sat in front of my computer working up the blueprints most of the afternoon but did have time to put a second coat of spray paint on the metal cabinet. We put it in the room- it will be great. Perfect for big rolls of canvas and wrapping papers. I'm so psyched that everything is going to be in one space!

* We also put the old buffet from the dining room in the room. I'm going to paint it a lighter color. It has a lot of storage and the top drawer is a nice place to store large sheets of drawing paper and drawings that need to be laid flat.

I'm not sure if I'll sketch a picture with chalk or
actually use this blackboard for notes.
I made the blackboard by cutting a piece of luan plywood to fit an old frame that I had, and then I painted it with chalkboard paint. Before we move anymore furniture in, we need to finish up the base trim that was never installed but it seems to be moving right along.

I made my sister a nice little gift for her birthday- I'll show it to you tomorrow.
So, how was your day? :)


  1. Good tip on the photos - mental note: always have camera on hand. And could the salesperson have spared the fabric? Sheesh! Mmm...I'm exhausted. We presented our design boards in class tonight and I'm really tired. I think most of the people in class had fairly traditional taste, so I'm not sure that my board necessarily overwhelmed them, but whatevs I love it and that's what's important, right? Believing in your own design. Wow, this was a long comment. I like your daily updates on stuff - keep 'em coming!

  2. I keep staring at your gorgeous pine floors....I am distracted by them...I LOOOOOOOVE them!!!! :D

  3. ME TOO!! Those floors are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!