Monday, May 23, 2011

Vinyl Flooring- Really? YES!

Mannington Adura Luxury Vinyl Planks

Currently, I am working on a doctors office- it's 4000 sq feet with the usual spaces: waiting, reception, exam rooms, doctor's offices, toilet rooms, break room etc. There are three types of flooring- carpet, ceramic and vinyl, that will be used. I was looking for some vinyl tile design inspiration (vinyl will be used in all of the exam rooms, procedure rooms and lab) and I not only found the inspiration I was looking for, as far as a pattern goes, but also inspiration for todays post. 

Let's look at vinyl for residential use.

Sigma Vinyl Tile
Vinyl tile for the home has come a long way! Some vinyl tile manufactures (ie. Mannington and Armstrong) are making a luxury vinyl flooring line that not only looks like wood, tile and stone but also feels like it. 
Two huge benefits are the ease of care and the price.

Sharon Montross Home via Apartment Therapy
VCT (vinyl composite tile) is easy to install, it can be installed virtually anywhere and to maintain it you just need to wipe with a damp mop.

Kristie Barnett from of The Decorologist explains that this kitchen floor consists of six colors of twelve inch VCT cut in half and arranged in a random pattern. What a great look!

Armstrong  Vinyl plank

Luxury vinyl plank flooring comes in long pieces, textured to mimic wood and are  installed in a staggered pattern just like a real hardwood floor. These are not like the thin peel and stick tiles that you get at big box stores but they are less expensive and easier to install than hardwood.
What about sheet vinyl you ask?! 
Well, Fiber Floor by Tarkett is a sheet vinyl that comes in a variety of vibrant colors, funky patterns and even some very realistic stone and wood patterns.

A children's play room is the perfect application -and get this...Fiberfloor sheet vinyl is not only thick and cushioney, it can be installed as a floating floor covering! No glue or adhesive- just some shoe molding around the perimeter.

Another one from Tarkett
 So when the kids grow out of the design or you are ready to upgrade- just roll it up!

I really was surprised to find so many options for sheet vinyl!

This picture cracks me up but I guess it makes the point...vinyl is water proof! Since the sheets are twelve feet wide, it often can be installed without a seam.

elle decor 300x300 Frugal Kitchen Flooring
Elle Decor
To finish, the classic black and white checkerboard pattern- always so stylish!

If you had a negative perception of vinyl, have I changed your mind about it? 
Vinyl has a place in residential design! Don't you agree?


  1. Just love this post, well I love them all, lots of great inpsiration and also research, well done!

  2. I have seen wood-like vinyl flooring and those really unattractive ones but nothing like these. I guess vinyl flooring has really evolves into something beautiful and that is great news.

    Good post, Michelle. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Wow vinyl has come a looooooooong way. I am surprise and impressed and leaving my vinyl is final impressions at the door....these images make a strong argument for how good looking it can be!

  4. I have vinyl flooring that looks like stone. I've had many visitors do a double take. Love the laundry room floor.

  5. Neat post. We used an Armstrong MIYO tile in our bath at our lake cabin. It was easy to install, and fun! We used bamboo flooring in most of the rest of the cabin.

  6. Michelle great examples, it is good to see fashion and design coming into the vinyl world as there are rooms it is appropriate!!

    Art by Karena

    Do Come and enter my Great Giveaway from Serena & Lily! Ends the 25th.

    You will love it!

  7. Thank you for sharing this great information! I think vinyl flooring has a bad reputation, but it's come SUCH a long way. We used beautiful versions of it from Mannington in a dental office I did a couple years ago. It's so fun to see how far it's come.

    I just started a little ol' blog of my own and would love for you to come check it out! Thanks and good luck finding the right flooring for your project!

  8. I'm sold, in fact I'm planning to use black and white vinyl in our mudroom!
    Your photos have made me even more excited :)

  9. Love the room by Sharon Montross. xo

  10. Great blog and pics, Michelle!

    Kim with Armstrong Flooring

  11. Vinyl flooring has come a loooong way. These are so cool,loving all of the Tarkett flooring!