Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Tour of a D.C. Townhouse

Photographer: Simon Upton

This little snippet of a picture caught my eye because of the settee in the foreground. It reminds me very much of the settee I just put into the new music room (below). 

Mine is more curvy but it has the caned back and sides. I am really digging the the white finish and the grayish upholstery!
 I'm almost committed to starting that project- almost :)

Anyhow- Nice room, right?

This D.C. townhouse was featured in Elle Decor a few years back. It belongs to furniture designer and decorator Darryl Carter. 

Same room- different perspective. 
Great example of opposing forces: an eighteenth century regency table alongside polished-poured-concrete cocktail tables!

Carter designed the mantel himself. As I sit here by the pool writing this post it is hard for me to think of a roaring fire in that fireplace but I can envision the kids lined up on the bench with a mug of hot chocolate. 

An antique Italian etagere sitting up on the countertop accentuates the height of the ceiling over the island.

Another concrete table in the dining room. 
The chairs, designed by Carter have Edelman leather upholstery.

I appreciate the modern lines of the concrete table but definitely prefer this rustic table in the breakfast room.


More antique eighteenth century furniture and shutters designed by Carter. 
What a luxury to have a pair of antique tubs 
(salvaged from the Russian Embassy no less)!

I have to show you the master bedroom. 
A pair of bordello doors serve as the headboard- 
I'm trying to think of something pithy to say but nothing is coming to mind ;)
 I'll just leave it at that! -Love the rug!
Have anything to add? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. What a beautiful home. It looks very refined, sophisticated and elegant. There are many gorgeous pieces in this home as well- the fabulous zebra rug, the mirror, the handsome fireplace, the white lovely sofa and all the wood furniture. Love every room!


  2. How is that bench coming along? I love these inspiration pictures..makes my mouth drool.

  3. Such beautiful rooms to envy. I really like the animal rug.


  4. I've always admired Daryl Carter's style. I have many magazines featuring his designs. Great inspiration.

  5. Can't wait to see what you do with your settee, I just got one and think I have figured out what I am going to do..but nervous about it...don't want to mess it up

  6. This place has pretty much all of the design elements I love. It is neutral, it has lots of contrast, it mixes modern and antique. And some of those antiques are rustic. Just gorgeous stuff. You always hit the nail on the head.

    P.S. Love your settee with the oriental carpet!

  7. Wow what a place. I am so intrigued by the etagere in kitchen on the island, the room is quite beautiful.....love the pair of tubs, thats a riot but clever too. Love all the contrast between light and dark...beautifully done.

  8. LOVE the kitchen and that huge mirror in the dining room! xo

  9. It's so sophisticated and chic! I love the combination of the neutral fabrics and the dark wood! Also really love the etagere in the kitchen - it's a really interesting way of adding extra shelving and height to the counter without making it dark or awkward. *sigh*

  10. Ooooh, it's amaaaazing! That front room, is the height of gorgeousness - so sophisticated, sin't it? Thank you so much for sharing it - I want to move in right away!!


  11. Sigh...those are amazing images. Although I'm not a fan of these giant stone disks in front of the tubs. Not sure why one would need two tubs in the first place actually.

    I'm LOVING your new music room. Looks like the piano was always meant to be there! Are you enjoying it?