Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun Friday Find: SMEG Refrigerators

So what do you know about SMEG refrigerators? 

Did you know that SMEG is an acronym for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla (a metal enameling factory) in the village of Guastella, Reggio Emilia, Italy. 
Really, you didn't know? Neither did I :) SMEG refrigerators are made in Italy.
I just did a little research- very little, this is more fun than informative- you know, just a little eye candy! 

Some of the styles are real throw backs- You have to open the refrigerator in order to get to the small box freezer inside.

Some have separate freezers.

House Beautiful
The colors are just amazing.
They are also available with very striking graphics. 

Home Inspiration
Sears, here in the states,  carries a single design-  the one with a 3/4 cu. ft. freezer compartment inside the refrigerator. They sell for $2099.  For a 9.2  cu. ft. refrigerator, that's on the high end but this refrigerator is about style!

Provisions, Singapore

You have to admit that a pink refrigerator is pretty fun :)

Apartment Therapy

I will always reblog smeg refrigerators.  Always.
My Ideal Home

So What do you think? 

SMEG news: ACE Hotels
They can be serious, modern, even sophisticated....

Good enough to eat
Kitchen Clarity
But I think they are mostly nostalgic, retro and just plain fun!
Where would you put a SMEG refrigerator?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Back home in Australia we have had SMEG appliances for quite a # of years, at least 20. They are the best and so stylish!

  2. I have coveted a turquoise or orange SMEG for many years now and I never knew they were made in Italy! Timeless and super stylish!

  3. I'm in love!! And I think I want an orane one! :)

    Stopping by from Hazardous Design!

  4. SMEG fridges are always so stylish and modern and I love them in every colors! Love your inspirational images, too.

    Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend, Michelle.


  5. Thanks for the education -- I really enjoyed this post and had no idea what a SMEG refrigerator was! If I could have a kitchen like the one with the burnt orange fridge, all would be right with the world!

  6. I didn't know that's what SMEG stood for!!! Impressive!!

    I love these fridges too. They just ooze style, don't they? And I especially love these images you've picked out. Now I reeeeeeeally want one!!


  7. I didn't know what SMEG stood for either! Didn't know you could still get them. thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments.
    Happy Monday,

  8. Hey! I am catching-up on your blog. I would love to design and entire kitchen around a SMEG! And that is where I would put it: in my kitchen!!! :D

  9. So fun! The previous owner had a turquoise one when we moved in, we tried to get the to leave it to no avail. They had it in the laundry room (off of the kitchen) for drinks.