Friday, February 10, 2012

If Only Black and White Were Black and White

Kitchen Update: Part Three
Over the course of the last two posts and now this one, I've tried to give you a glimpse into how I'm coming up with our kitchen design. I will admit that it's been much harder coming up with a design for my own kitchen than it is for me to design someone else's. I can sound so confident telling a client my ideas but with me as the client- I vacillate between this or that, these or those, I lose sleep and I hate having to consider a budget! 

Maybe I should have started off my kitchen updates with my favorite kitchen inspiration photos, that way you would have known the direction I'm going in, especially since I asked your opinion on pendant lights in my last post. I did mention that my design would be classic and timeless, most likely black and white- I know, I know it's not uncommon but I love it and have always loved it. I see it as the perfect backdrop for my ever changing whims. It's kind of like I'm hard-scaping the kitchen in black and white (ie. cabinets, countertop, etc) and then the soft-scaping (window treatments, table linens and china) will shape the feel of the room as the seasons change, as my mind changes and when the holidays roll around.

The struggle I had was white with black or black with white or white on white you get the picture. Check out some of my favorite combinations below:

Transition between kitchen and dining rooms.

rustic kitchen

lighting + hardware + black moroccan tile floor

Classic White Kitchen | photo Michael Graydon | design Halina Catherine | @House and Home

love it!


Nice combination

kitchen styling

All white kitchen....and WINDOWS!

Christopher Peacock kitchen


They all start looking alike, don't they? 
I've deciphered each one, looking at every little detail and these are my sources of inspiration.
I have even more on Pinterest.
Now, the fun part...applying all of this inspiration to my own space. 
Getting sick of hearing about the kitchen?!
Over the weekend I'll share a couple of Valentine's projects with you :) 
Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm in trouble the next time I have the chance to design our kitchen. And I'm still slapping myself on the forehead because I wish I knew then what I know now about all of this stuff - I definitely would have made some different decisions in our kitchen 4 years ago. But at least I'll know for next time. I'll have to look at some of your kitchen photos on Pinterest, but have you ever thought about doing black cabinets? I also really like the look of the varying cabinet colors (white on the cabinets and a different color on the island). And black window trim and black grout are also on my fun list right now. I'm just going to live vicariously through you and your project :)

  2. I never get tired talking about kitchens! Love the inspirations and yes they do have a similiar vibe but thats good...means you know what you want!! Look forward to seeing the progress!! I love the lighter cabinets with dark or blk.island..have it now and LOVE it. White marble always scores huge brownie points too...have fun!

  3. These are all fabulous kitchens and I can see why you can't decide. I think the reason you have a hard time deciding is because your kitchen is personal, someone else's is not. You're a wonderful designer and you'll make good choices, stop second guessing yourself because the first choice is always the best!