Monday, November 14, 2011

Painted Furniture Update

Let me introduce you to a little design job that I'm working on. It started as a color consult and has turned into  a bit of a redesign. My client has a daughter in college and a boy that's a  high school senior. 
This is his bedroom.

Her and her husband are very close to becoming empty-nesters and they want to update a few areas in their home. They are starting with the boy's bedroom, keeping in mind that this is probably going to be used as a guest bedroom in the very near future.

Here is the scope of the job:
The bed and bedding stay. The two small shelves stay (but can be re-located). A desk area would be nice. 

The stained doors and moldings stay...and the dressers stay. 
These are the same dressers that I posted about on Friday. I suggested painting  the dressers to give them a fresh and updated look.

I started out by removing the hardware and giving it a good sanding and by me I mean my very wonderful husband who is always willing to do some of the grunt work when I get too busy. I did prime it and then...

I painted the body a chocolate brown  and the drawer fronts a creamy white.

It now has an updated look inspired by designer Tobi Fairley and Hickory Chair.

Next, I have to decide on hardware. The bottom pull is the original pull with the original finish, the top pull is the original pull with some Grecian Gold Rub-n-Buff.

Now, here I'm showing the original on the bottom but the top one with Pewter Rub-N-Buff. 
What do you think? Which do you like better?

I want to exhaust several options using the original pulls before I rule them out and opt for new ones. Twenty are needed and that will add up!

So what do you think:
A.) Pewter
B.) Gold
C.) Original Finish or
D.) Something new

Here's my inspiration photo:


  1. I think the original hardware is nice but they are a little too big for the dresser. Getting some new and less busy hardware might help. Just my thoughts!

    You have done a great job so far. Can't wait to see the completed project!


  2. I love the hardware and my vote is for the gold - it's sharp!!!

  3. Oh I love the original pull with the Grecian gold...
    It is looking good already.

  4. Since you painted the piece chocolate, I think I would go with gold. I am impressed with the painted piece!

  5. Fab makeover... !! The one with Grecian Gold looks great...