Monday, November 21, 2011

Dressers Painted- check!

Last week I posted about a Tobi Fairley for Hickory Chair dresser that I have been swooning over for many months and I showed you the candidate dresser that was going to get "the look". 

Yep, here it is in all at's glory. Hardware has been removed and it's had a good sanding.

Add a little dose of inspiration...

The inspiration photo.
Tobi Fairley for Hickory Chair
... and decide on a new hardware color.

Gold option on top, original on bottom.
Gold or...

Silver on top, original on the bottom.

When I put the question out to my readers, most of the input was in favor of the gold finish and ultimately that is what I chose. Here's why:  First, I really wanted to use the original hardware. Painted furniture with no patina or special finish sometimes can appear, um, how can I say Especially if it is void of detail. I think that by keeping the original hardware it not only maintains some of the integrity of the piece but it also gives it more of a quality look. After all, it's a well built, old dresser and I didn't want it to look like something that was just picked up at a big box store. 

The second factor that sealed the deal with the gold vs. silver debate were the lamps that I found at TJ Maxx this past weekend. I'm saving them until the big reveal but let me just say I was pretty excited and so was my client. Here's the room before:


Room painted- check
Dressers painted- check
Bedding- (use existing)
Lighting- check
Artwork- check

We just need to put it all together. Hopefully I'll have pics by the end of the week.

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  1. I love how your dresser turned out, esp with the gold handles! I have a very similar dresser I painted all black a few years ago and you have inspired me to do it just like yours. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the room when it is finished.

  2. You know that you are putting me to shame here! I have lots of things that now I am going to have to give a makeover to after seeing the wonderful job you do.

  3. I've had a couple of questions via email asking how I finished the hardware. I mentioned in a previous post that I used Rub-N-Buff (Grecian Gold)- should have included that little tidbit in this post- sorry :)

  4. LOVE it - looks so great Michelle! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your project coming together.

  5. The dresser looks fantastic painted. The gold handles really make the piece.


  6. It turned out PERFECT!!! I LOVE the colors :)
    I had to come by and say THANK YOU!!! I got my new house number and I am so excited to hang it up. Eeeekkk!!! It's beautiful. Thanks again. Can't wait to see the room all finished.

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

  7. The dresser looks great. I love a complete makeover with new paint and hardware. Looking forward to seeing the whole room when your done.

  8. The dresser came out really well and you've inspired me to sand my dresser down and paint it. The gold hardware looks wonderful on the dresser. You did good girl!

  9. I really like the look of the gold handles. Can't wait to see the finished room!


  10. love the two toned look! it looks so much like the inspiration piece, and i love that one, too!