Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun Friday Find: Floor Plan Pattern

Happy Friday! Have any big house projects planned for this weekend? We finally have some sunshine and things are drying up a little. Hopefully, I'll be able to get into the gardens and clean them out. I still haven't pruned the fruit trees or wisteria. Something I usually do in March. The raspberries were pruned last weekend but the black raspberries need to be tied up, as well as the grapes. If I get all of that done I will be a happy girl on Monday!

Vignette Designs actually inspired todays post. Yesterday she put up several photos from her recent trip to Fishs Eddy in NYC including these totally awesome floor plan plates. 

Being a drafter of blueprints and the like you can imagine my delight and desire to have these!
Aren't they fantastically FUN!?

Floor Plan Penthouse Platter 12" W x 16" L
Floor Plan Penthouse Platter
Can you imagine a tablescape using these dishes and other architectural elements?

Floor Plan Mug (an elevation of course)
 Besides plates, mugs and trays, they sell dish towels, napkins, and a tote bag each with a different floor plan. 
{Children/husband are you paying attention!}

While You Were Out Tray 6 11/16" L x 5" W
This breaks from the floor plan theme but how cute is this for your desk?!
Also from Fishs Eddy.

Okay back to the floor plans. Next up: "Ties that don't suck" -don't look at me that's their motto! The Etsy shop known as Toybreaker is a small boutique that sells these very hip silk screened ties. 
Many, many fun designs!

Cass Tech Detroit blueprint. Silkscreen microfiber tie.
Cass Tech High School Blueprint 

Bag One Bag Shop also an Etsy shop, sells various wallets, card cases, and photoholders with a floor plan design.

Wristlet/Zipper pouch - Floor plan
Wristlet/Zipper Pouch


Photo via House Beautiful

This beautiful Federal blue and cream toile fabric is by Kravet . It depicts plans and elevations from Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Touring Monticello is something I've always wanted to do. Between the gardens and architecture- I look forward to being overwhelmed. When I saw this fabric my first thought was shower curtain! What would you use it for? 

Have a great weekend!!! 


  1. These are so unique i would certainly like a mug on my desk like this. hurray for the sunshine at last Ive got to get out & mow the lawn & de weed the flower beds

  2. I love Fish's Eddy and havne't been there in many years..these items are SO cute. And building a house and having a husband who is obsessed with the process, these would make the cutest gift for him. Thanks for a fantastic idea..I am always at a loss of what to get him! Perfect......

  3. Just wanted to thank you for the idea! Going tomorrow to pick up some of these goodies for my husband and my architect (its his birthday in 2 perfect are these) Thanks again!

  4. Tina, I'm so glad. Inspiring is what I'm trying to do here :)I bet they will get a kick out of whatever you choose. Please let me know!