Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Featured Designer: Sandy Koepke

As promised, my third featured designer is California, interior and garden designer, Sandy Koepke. Yesterday I showed you some of the outdoor spaces that she created for alfresco dining and today I want to bring you inside to see her equally inspiring interiors.

Sunlight, space and sophisticated comfort are her trademark design elements that she brings to each project.

So much of the ornamentation that she uses in her interiors are straight from nature or are pieces that were probably intended for the garden.

A crock vase, glass cloche, wrought iron candle holders and a pair of dog figurines create a charming still life on a table that looks like something you would see outside of a quaint, little cafe.  

I love the birdcage and the owners must have a terrier- what a cute pillow!

A very interesting magazine rack- I could use that! 
Have you ever seen stacks of magazines look so stylish?

This is just how I expected the kitchen to look. Vintage, vintage and more vintage with just a dash of contemporary lighting. 

I'll bet that sink is actually an old wash basin that's been converted. 
If not, that is an excellent reproduction!

The colors have been so neutral up to this point, the floral quilt and shams are a welcome splash of color.

What do you think of all of the rustic furniture? I think it looks beautiful but when it came time to dust and clean I'm not sure if I would like it. I think I might prefer just a couple of pieces. What do you think?

This is just one house in Sandy Koepke's  portfolio. 
To see more visit her website: Sandy Koepke Interiors

I hope you are having an inspiring day and be sure to visit again tomorrow. I'm very excited to be announcing my very first give away! Ohhh, I hope you like it!!! 


  1. I love the rustic elegance. Makes me feel like opening a bottle of wine and inviting a bunch of friends over for a laid back casual supper with crusty breads and homemade soup. Can you tell I'm hungry? :)

  2. Such a laid back , comfortable look! Love al of the natural elements!

  3. I'm really eyeing that glass cloche ~ still hunting for the perfect piece to start an indoor terrarium (thanks to your previous post!)

  4. So many gorgeous images. Love how she uses so many outdoor elements in her interiors. The light fixture in the third photo is fabulous!!

  5. Many thanks for the visits and comments on my blog. It is very appeciated. I love the rustic cahrm of these interiors and the distressed wood. Makes a nice change to heavily stalised interiors!

  6. Love her spaces..reminds me of being in a lazy relaxed state of mind all the time just to live in one of her beautiful and love the neutral tones she seesm to gravitate towards.... just glorious!!

  7. You're right -- Sandy is amazing. I have quite a few favorite images in this post. I love the industrial and vintage mixed into interiors.