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Whether you need a full set of blueprints, a kitchen re-design, a color consult or just some advice on how to organize your office or re-style your bookshelves- 

I'd love to help!
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Design Process & Fees

The following pertains mostly to interior space design. Each job is unique and after meeting to discuss the job scope, a more personalized plan forward can be determined.

Design Consultation and/or Color Consultations:   

This is an opportunity to discuss the entire scope of the job. It usually lasts an hour or less. We can discuss the function of the space, decorating styles, color schemes, etc. Maybe you need a strategy for organizing your office space, or help creating a gallery wall or simply re-styling the bookcases...or maybe it's more complex like removing a wall or remodeling the kitchen. This is where we'll figure it out.  

If you would like more detailed information on having a color consultation    CLICK.HERE

Floor Plan & Elevations with Dimensions:

If at the initial design consultation we determine a plan is needed, I will get the necessary dimensions needed to generate a floor plan and elevations. Both plan and elevations will be dimensioned and will show the placement of all permanent architectural features i.e. doors, windows, trim  etc.  A dimensioned floor plan and elevations are very useful tools for figuring out the size and quantity of finishes (i.e. carpeting, tile, wall covering, window treatments, etc).  The floor plan is also an essential tool for space planning. I can assign functions to certain areas based on what we discussed during the design consultation. At this point, on my computer,  I will be able to show you the space in 3D! Certain finishes like floor coverings will be shown but these finishes are shown by default and may not my recommendations. Choosing finishes is the next step in the design process.

Furnishings & Finish Selection and Coordination:

This is the most fun! It includes such things as choosing flooring, fabrics, furniture selection and arrangement, paint colors, tile design, lighting, window treatments and so forth. It can be overwhelming since there is such a vast array of options available but there are strategies for defining the look you are trying to achieve! This part of the design process takes some research (aka shopping) either online or locally.
Another important design aspect falls under this category, my personal favorite, architectural details! Before walls are painted or furniture arrangements finalized, you may want to consider adding architectural interest by incorporating additional moldings and/or built-ins into your design.

Typical Design Fees:

Design & Color Consultations: $50.00 1st hour, $30/hr after that (min. $50 fee)

Floor Plan & Elevations with Dimensions: $100 (limited to one area/room)

Custom Design Work: $30.00/Hr (includes kitchen and space design, painting and/or       

designing furnishings, room re-styling, built-in design, etc.)

Furnishing & Finish Selection and Coordination: $30.00/hr

Commissioned Artwork, Graphic Design & Signage:  Prices vary