Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Recycled Door Headboards

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Hmmm, how should I start- long time no see? or should I say long time no write...less cliche- more accurate!? What an amazing few weeks! No, we haven't completely finished the kitchen reno- not even close. Free time has not been abundant. Our household is in the thick of baseball season-two boys, three teams- one of the teams takes us all over...NJ, Albany, Buffalo and we love it! Yes, we've been doing lots of traveling and have pity on me, I just returned from NYC where I helped my daughter (my one and only daughter, sniff,sniff) set up her new apartment for the summer. A big, wonderful and exciting step for her! 

I was inspired to hop back into posting because last night I was with one of my daughter's friends whose moving into an apartment in Manhatten. She recently purchased a couple of old doors that she wants to use for a headboard. I'm hoping to help her out with this endeavor...for now, here is some inspiration for her and anyone else attempting this project.

Although these doors are not part of the headboard, I just love the look with the sconces.
One of my favs! 

Apartment Therapy

Door headboard 9
House Beautiful

Door headboard 7

Door headboard 21
A Pair Of Pairs

Door headboard 18
Better Homes and Gardens

Door headboard 22
Dirt Cheap Decor

Scour antique shows, garage/barn sales for some great finds.
Craigslist is also a great place to find doors for this purpose. I think LR, my daughters friend, picked up three beautiful doors, with hardware, for five dollars each. 
So many options...  So many different looks... Which one appeals to you!?


  1. You certainly sound super busy these days! LOVE LOVE LOVE those blue doors w/ the lights. So gorgeous and unique. xo

    1. Thanks Debby- So funny you visited today...I've been thinking about you (I'm considering some blog changes) and stopped by your site(s) yesterday. Congratulations on your new endeavor...I am so inspired by you- more than you know!