Thursday, February 24, 2011

Favorite Front Door Colors

Painting the front door a fresh, new color is a quick way to add a little curb appeal and welcome spring! A nicely painted door can make your home look welcoming and set the tone for what to expect when upon entering.

Favorite light colors include whites, cream, taupe and tan. The light gray above is one of my favorite colors with brick and accenting with blue flowers and containers adds to the appeal! Black is also a classic choice for a brick house.
Eggplant? Why not? Unexpected and surprisingly elegant!

Concord Green Blog
Classic black and white. It's the gray statuary and greenery that makes this so pretty.
I don't know that many houses could pull off this brightly painted door but I think it looks beautiful here with the stone and red geraniums.
Red doors were often a sign of prosperity. People would paint their door red when there home was paid off making the red door a status symbol. In Feng Shui a red door is said to promote your fame and reputation (especially if it is south facing).

Real Simple magazine
I read that most people like yellow doors, although black, white and red are the most popular.
Navy blue often looks good with light blue or gray homes and light blue is a good choice for dark gray.
Almost any deep tone color will complement a white house.

I don't know about you but I wish I had more than one front door! A few more things to consider are 1. a contrasting color usually looks best, as long as it is not too bright or too pastel, 2. consider the color of your garage door and other architectural features ie. shutters and trim, 3. consider a total of three colors: one for the body, one for the trim/shutters, and one for the front door.

Have any other color combination ideas? Which one of these is your favorite?


  1. Love the black doors, as well as the variety of ones with sage/green tones. This is helping us to "think spring!"

  2. Any suggestions for a very small foyer? In your opinion, what colors or paint designs work best for limited space areas, and should the foyer area compliment the color of the front door?

  3. Generally speaking, sticking to a single color family will make the foyer feel more open. I'd paint the interior of the door a similar shade (lighter or darker) as the interior walls but when the door is left open I wouldn't be afraid of a strong contrasting color for the exterior. Does that help?

  4. Yes it does! Thank you for your wonderful advice-

  5. Look all the colors! I painted my front door a charcoal grey last weekend. But for some reason it turned out lighter. Now I have to paint again. I find it so hard to pick a color with red brick.

  6. love the 'house to home' front door with the flower wreath, any idea what colour it is and where i can purchase it