Friday, March 30, 2012

Modern Vintage Style

Good morning! First, let me start with a cute little story.
My eight year old son picked up a tape measure and was walking around the kitchen measuring things. I heard him say that something was sixteen inches plus tax. I questioned why he said plus tax and he explained that when something cost two dollars you actually have to pay two dollars plus a little bit more. To clarify, I asked him what he thought "plus tax" meant, to which he replied, "plus tax means a little bit more, right?" Isn't that sweet!
I said actually it means too much more!

Anyway, in my last post, I alluded to an emerging design trend where "old meets new" or "vintage meets modern" What?! you say-that's not new but, how it's being done is new.
It's more refined, more calculated. It's like shabby chic goes to the big city. More and more I've been noticing vintage furniture being updated and made to look modern either through the use of paint in modern colors or modern fabrics and patterns. 

What do you think of this sofa by Moda-USA?
modern vintage collection moda-1

modern vintage collection moda-2
I'm a huge fan of mid-century modern furniture and I'm loving pieces like this being thrown into the mix, Do you like this trend and where would you try a sofa like this?

 I think I would consider it for any one of the rooms below:

wall panels
How about in Greg Natale's gorgeous, classic foyer?

Fabulous Office Space
...or this home office

It would work next to that table and lamp.

Chandelier, silver leaf ceiling, pocket doors
How about this dining room?

This chair makes my heart skip a beat- weird, huh? 
It could see it in the same room with the sofa.

How about this room with the zebra rug? ...too much?

love this kitchen
...and wouldn't it be great in a room adjacent to this kitchen! I think that may be my favorite.
Which space from above do you think would be the best space for the Modern Blue Vintage Sofa?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Look What's Trending Now!

I thought I was on a spring break vacation last week -wow! It was a hot one! I think I only was only inside to sleep. I knew this week was going to be chilly so I put off my kitchen remodel work and allowed myself a week of working my butt off pruning, raking, mulching and getting so sunburned that I couldn't sleep at night- when will I ever learn!

Back to the title of today's post: "Look What's trending Now"


Metallic Interior Design
via Room Envy
If you are wondering how to change up your decor a bit for spring it's easy! Add a splash of neon color. What I've noticed this year, that is different from previous years, is that the neons are not highlighter marker neon- they are classier than that. They are tangerines and jewel tones like amethyst and turquoise. They are the perfect compliment to the more refined old meets new style that is emerging. 

 A little bling mixed in with natural materials and textures is "the look" 
and it really is fun!

Notice the small details- a brightly colored frame, lime green matted prints 
and of course fresh flowers to finish the vignette.

Simply adding a couple of brightly colored pillows transforms the look but it's that little Greek key border on the pink pillow that connects both bright pillows with the rest of the space.

Add a brightly colored book or some neon candies in a cut crystal bowl to a "tablescape" and that will do the trick. 


Gray, oh beautiful gray, my favorite neutral, is the perfect backdrop for this new neon trend and if you ever wanted to use orange as part of your decorating scheme- now is the time! 

Decor Pad

Pantone's Color of the Year 2012 is Tangerine Tango


Decor Pad

The Enchanted Home Shop

Tina, the editor of the jaw dropping blog The Enchanted Home has this traditional needlepoint pillow with an unexpected pop of color as part of an entire collection of gorgeous needlepoint pillows. Do check it out!

Pantone Color of the Year 2012: Tangerine Tango, bathroom, interior design
Get your neon on! You know you want to :)

...and tell me, what do you think of this new trend? 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bed & Breakfast Inns of Ireland

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I've never traveled to Ireland but have always been overwhelmed by the gorgeous countryside vistas, the rolling green hills and stone buildings that I've seen in books. 


If/when I do visit, I imagine myself traveling from town to town, staying in bed and breakfast inns, strolling through gardens and local pubs.  

Barrowville Townhouse
Carlow, Ireland via Trip Advisor
Today, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I will play travel agent and show you a few inns ...for those of you who might be a wee bit luckier than I :)


So many of the bed and breakfast inns are old country homes with enormous rooms. I can imagine spending at least one night here.

Cottage accommodation. Copyright
Image via
 In contrast to the large stately homes are the many old stone cottages- often more than one on a property. How darling is this cottage?!

Roundwood House
Roundwood House
Mountrath, Ireland
Can you imagine staying at this Palladian style villa nestled in the woods?

The Yellow Room

The Green Room

I do love those countryside bed and breakfast inns and of course Dublin would be a must visit destination but I think I found a place, in the heart of Ireland,  where I could stay for weeks!
An eighteenth century country house!

It's called Ashley Park House- a bed & breakfast in Nenagh, Co. Tiperrary located on the shores of a lake  Lough Ourna.

The house was fully renovated in 1993 with most rooms being redecorated in 2003. In particular, the drawing room and the red dining room were completely upgraded using fabrics and wall paper from Zophany and Colefax and Fowler.



If you thought the interior was fabulous, wait until you see the grounds of the nearly 80 acre estate!

Visit for more info. 
Oh how I could while away the days here!
Are you ready to pack your bags?!

Have a Safe and Happy St. Patrick's Day!