Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mother Nature is the Boss!

Along our front walk we have three rose pillars planted with "Golden Showers" climbing roses. "Golden Showers" is considered a very fragrant, semi-double, yellow climber. It blooms repeatedly throughout the summer and I like it for this particular spot because it tolerates shade very well.

A year ago, after a very cold winter with very little snow cover, the roses on the two outer pillars appeared to die. From experience I knew they might come back if I left them and since I had no intention of immediately buying new ones- I had the time to wait it out.

Just as I hoped, new shoots shot up this spring!

And voila! Wait...what is this?!

As you may have noticed, the shoots came from deep in the ground. The rose literally went back to it's roots (so to speak). "Golden Showers" is a hybrid, descending from rosa "Captain Thomas"- also a yellow rose, and rosa 'Charlote Armstrong"- a Deep Pink Hybrid Tea- AHA!  

I actually really like the color of this new rose and it has worked out perfectly that the two outer roses are reverting back to their red roots- 
I truly prefer this new design. I admit defeat- 
Mother Nature knows best!

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  1. I'm so loving it, the color of your roses and the fact man can't control everything. I had the same thing happen with a yellow peony, came out yelllow once and then went back to its roots. It's really a very pretty rose color the red.