Monday, June 11, 2012

The Monday Mix: There's Something About These Closets

I haven't done a Monday Mix in a while. When it comes to mixing fashion and decor, is there a better setting than the closet. While doing my exhaustive research for this post I realized something about myself. I've always coveted those closets with wall to wall, mirror-clad, paneled doors, glass-fronted cubbies, and central islands with big honking chandeliers...
you know like these:



How gorgeous! Love the door detail
Madeline Stuart

Okay, well, I guess I still do...especially that last one but...


...there's something about these other closets. 

Elle Decor

They are less structured, more eclectic- 


They are open and a little messy.

These closets are drawing me in, making me feel more creative- 

Beautiful wardrobe from Southern Accents.
via Southern Accents

like I want to put together an outfit like I would put together a tablescape- 
pinterest via netvibes

or a recipe, a little of this and a little of that.

Are you feeling it??? I mean really... just look at that closet!

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  1. I love them ALL!!!!! I only wish I did not destroy more clothes than I wear. I ruin all my clothes with paint *sadface* I paint with a sweet friend we all call Fancy Nancy, and she can wear the prettiest outfits....white designer jeans....and she NEVER spills a thing on herself! I am jealous!

    But getting bak to the closets.....I really wish I had one of them!