Friday, June 15, 2012

Sea Glass

Don't you just love the beautiful and serene colors of sea glass?

sea glass

I was so excited when my husband and I first discovered it so many years ago while walking along the beach. We quickly realized that we weren't the only ones and within a matter of a few minutes we were in an all out competition with seemingly professional sea glass pickers. We started getting up early because we overheard  the professionals talking about how good the picking was and we found ourselves racing them to the beach at sunrise.

Even though I love it, I cringe now when I see bags of it at the craft store and refuse to buy it. 
I have my own little stash and it's special!

Anyhow, if you also love the frosty colors of sea glass you may want to try this really, (and I mean really), simple DIY

These were clear glass candle holders. I painted them with a mixture of Mod Podge and food coloring. To be honest, I put very little effort into them  because I didn't think it was actually going to work. When I first started painting them, they were all streaky and I just wasn't loving them but when they dried they actually looked very pretty and the streaks don't show.

Here is the original tutorial that I followed. 
via Elizabeth Mathews
The best part is, when you want to change them- just soak them in water and it all washes off. If you don't want them to be temporary I suppose you could use a sealer.

diy sea glass tutorial
I also found this tutorial HERE
Check them out- It might be a fun little project for over the weekend and trust me the kids will love making them. 

Have a great Father's Day weekend!


  1. The faux sea glass is beautiful! I'm going to try this for sure - maybe today! Thanks for sharing the tutorials :-)

  2. I love sea glass. The faux sea glass is also fun!


  3. I love the color of sea glass so much that I think all bathrooms should be in these colors (and white, of course)!!! I would like to try making some, and I am intrigued that you can actually soak them in water and change the colors!

    Neat post!!!!!!