Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun Friday Find: A Penny Floor and Gift

The Standard Grill is located in the Standard Hotel in New York City. It's situated under the High Line along with a lot of other trendy eateries but this place has a very unusual feature.


A floor made of pennies! 
How cool is that! (I mean how FUN is that!) 


I showed this image to my son and he was so impressed that he and his brother used it for inspiration to make me a birthday gift. Check it out at the end of the post... they are so cute! 

Besides having a wicked cool floor they have a very stylish restaurant!

I love the floor tile, as well as the tables and chairs, in this area.

Looks like a nice place to eat- have you been here? 
I'd love to hear your reviews!

Now for a little penny inspired gift:

A wall hanging (minus the hangers) from my youngest two, Dominic and Vincent!
Thanks kiddos :)

...And Don't Forget! 
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  1. All great picks! I adore the tufted leather booths in the restaurant and how fabulous is that floor made out of pennies? Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the penny inspired gift...awesome!! And that floor is amazing, now THAT is a restaurant I stand a chance to talk my kids into going to, at least it has something that could hold their attention:)

  3. Oooh, I love that floor (and the MOM the kids made you as well of course).

  4. Wow, that floor is super, super cool. There is a ton of inspiration to get from this restaurant. I love the arm leather banquettes with the black trim. Gorgeous.

    And your sons are awfully sweet to make that gift for their mom. Creative, like you!

  5. How cool! And even cooler that your boys turned that into a gift! I really like what's going on with that restaurant decor too. Will have to keep this place in mind when we are up there in November.

  6. So cool! That is such a fun and creative idea. I love the whole design of the has a vintage vibe to it.

    What a sweet idea, your boy's making a MOM penny sign :).