Monday, November 29, 2010

Decorating For The Holidays

I opened up the boxes of Christmas decorations over the weekend and found the little snapshots that I tucked into each box last year so that I would remember how I decorated. I forgot that I did this but I do remember why. My thinking was that if I could just remember from year to year where everything went, then decorating would be quick and easy! I like to entertain at the holidays, my oldest son was born on Christmas and I have another son with a New Years Eve birthday so I have a lot of stuff and I really do it up. Besides, I'm sentimental and I'm  a collector...did I mention that I have a lot of stuff and even more excuses for having so much stuff!

Do you decorate the same every year or do you mix it up? I remember we got into this subject at a book club  meeting once. Some intentionally did not do the same year to year, some did what I did and took pictures (that's probably where I got the idea) and others had no plan...just put things wherever (obviously not afflicted with the "every detail needs to be designed curse").

Well, so much for the plan. It took all of two seconds to dump the plan and start with fresh eyes. That's how design goes. We change, what we like changes, we are inspired along the way by new ideas, new experiences and new places. I'll probably take pictures again this year but next year I really hope I will feel inspired enough to change it all again.    

Here are some ideas from Traditional Home Magazine that I have found inspiring for this year! 
A beautiful way to add a festive touch to a potted plant. I like using gold painted pine cones. 

I love how the bust was adorned with a crown...details, details!

This photograph and the one below have inspired me to incorporate pine cones (that I will probably paint gold), some berries and my own bird ornaments into my chandelier design this year.

The powder room is used more than ever during the holidays. Scented decorations are a nice touch!

So simple... repetition always makes a statement!
I hope you were able to find some inspiration here, Happy Decorating! 

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