Monday, August 1, 2011

The Monday Mix: Fashion and Decor

Back to business. I've been away with my family to a place where the worlds greatest designer surely made his mark! Where, you ask? Chateaugay Lake- the most northern lake in the Adirondacks. 
Nine days with no cell phones, TV, radio, or internet-
It is our Heaven on earth! 
Last Monday I skipped the Monday Mix because I was guest posting at the Vintique Object. I hope you had a chance to visit Camille's blog and check that out. My little guy was quite proud that his bedroom was featured on a blog!

Today's Monday Mix: Umbrellas and Decor

Brooklyn Limestone Blog
Umbrellas in rain boots -though I don't believe they are actual boots. Even so, it adds a little whimsy in this entryway.

As a young teen, I also used painted, paper umbrellas to decorate my bedroom. This brings back memories!

A collection of black umbrellas fits right in with the black and white color scheme.

Of course umbrellas make great decorations for bridal showers.

Little Green Notebook

Do you remember these umbrellas? They were all the rage when I was in elementary school!

Created by Hans van Benthem;
Photo by Masumi Shishid

The reflection in the mirror is awesome!

Martha Stewart
I'm actually inspired by this photo. I have two galvanized tubs that I use for drinks on the deck- I think I will spruce them up a bit.

I don't know what the event is but I bet that artists are involved. 
Pretty artsy don't you think? I love it!

Now, I want to show you some more amazing photos of open umbrellas used outdoors for decoration. 

How gorgeous is this? ...and where do you even find such beautiful umbrellas?! 
I love the black and white striped umbrella in the foreground.

Another fun and whimsical display.

Maddycakes Muse
The shadows that these umbrellas cast are equally as beautiful and interesting as the actual umbrella display.

Maddycakes Muse

Maddycakes Muse
The umbrellas sure brighten up this very, umm, can I say ugly space?
Isn't it amazing what color does? 

Maddycakes Muse
Like a cloud, but not a rain cloud. 
Just an enormous, ethereal chandelier seemingly floating in midair!

I'll never look at umbrellas the same way again :)


  1. Wow! The last image is spectacular! I have so many favorite images from this post particularly the striped umbrella against the brick walls, those bubble umbrellas and the yellow umbrellas on the tree!

    Cute post!


  2. Great post Michelle! I love that owl, and the last six umbrella displays are breathtaking.

  3. What an umbrellievable post! Sorry I just couldnt resist! Corny as it might be....seriously love love love this post and so many of the pictures that made me smile!

  4. What great collections of umbrellas! I have a bizarre umbrella stand which is actually an old elephant's foot which used to belong to a rather eccentric great uncle.

  5. Awesome outta the box post. Umbrellas? Very cool!

  6. This is sucha great post! I love all of these ideas, I actually have a bunch of chinese umbrellas I want to do something with but can never think of anything!

  7. Welcome back! You have chosen such beautiful images! I adore the last image, it has me scheming how to pull it off!