Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Father's Day Gift Dad Won't "Wine" About!

Hi everyone!  If you have someone in your family that loves wine I just know you are going to want to make this project.
I was inspired by:
Sarah Symon creates Monograms from Recycled Wine Corks and I loved the idea so much that I decided to make one for my dad for Father's Day. My dad not only enjoys drinking wine but he also makes I know he will love this gift!

P for Persechino
Just to show you how it looks- I hung it on the mirror over my own wine bar.
(Darn, I really want to keep it!) It is the first letter of my maiden name :)

Here's how you can make one for yourself!

Materials Needed:
Wine corks (I used 125)
Letter made of wood or Mat Board
Hot Glue
A Couple of Hangers

If you are using a pre-cut wood letter from a craft store:
skip this next step.

If you are cutting a letter out of mat board:
First, layout the letter the way you would like it to look by arranging the corks on the mat board.

In order to have a letter with three corks wide, the letter needs to be approximately 2 1/4" in wide at all points. 
Once you have the corks laid out, lightly trace around them and then remove the corks. 
Using a straightedge, draw straight lines about a 1/4" inside of the curvy lines you made tracing the corks. 

On A Creative Note: This letter (font) has straight sides but you could be creative and use any style of letter you want- swirly, more bold or even a shape would be fun- a wreath shape or a wine bottle shape- HAVE FUN!

Cut along the lines using an exacto knife- Be Careful!

Next, I painted the mat board brown..
Start with colored mat board and you can skip this step.

Start adding the corks. Put hot glue on the bottom and up one side of the cork to glue it to it's neighbor. Save the corks with cool designs for the outside and mix up the various hieghts and colors to give it a balanced appearance. 

To finish, hot glue a couple of picture hangers onto the back.

A close-up! 

I hope you love this project as much as I do. I'm assuming everyone saves their corks like we do- if not, there are some Etsy shops that sell them. Do you have corks but don't have the time to make one for yourself- email me! If you send me your corks I will make one for you!


  1. What a fabulous idea! So creative and personal, if made out of corks from your favourite wines!

  2. What an awesome idea! It's an easy DIY project everyone can tackle.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. That is absolutely adorable. I better start cracking open the wine!