Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A New Design Trend: Gold

Have you noticed a gold comeback? It's Baaaack!
Cabinet pulls, plumbing fixtures and gold home accessories....they are popping up all over. Even the hotel and lodging industry is switching from silver to gold and that surely makes it a trend! Its not brassy, its honed and beautiful. I like it mixed with other metals like stainless and brushed silver tones. 

kitchens - stainless steel backsplash white kitchen cabinets gold faucet hardware white carrara marble countertops  Robert Brantley via Traditional
Decor Pad

Kohler's Purist single-control bathroom faucets with straight lever handle in Vibrante Moderne Brushed Gold

 Kelly Wearstler

Belle Maison

Jamie Mears via High Gloss Magazine

So what do you think? Did you see anything that you like? 
Check out the table below. This is the table that inspired me to want to paint my own table. This table cost over $3,000  (jaw drop much?) my table, which is also below, is a table that we bought at an auction for $85! Clearly it's not as elegant but, I repeat, it was $85! Lately, I've been asked by a few people where I buy furniture? I always look to buy used before I ever go to a retail store, especially if it doesn't involve fabric. Places like Ebay, Craigslist , flea markets, antique shows etc. are a great place to start.

Jayson Home & Garden
It's a heavy wrought iron table with a marble top.
First we gave it a good cleaning and primed it with Rustoleum  metal primer.

Next, it was spray painted gold. Again, we used Rustoleum  Gold

What makes gold spray paint finish look more "finished" is an aging glaze (I used McCloskey's). I rubbed it on and wiped it off until it had the look I liked. It settles in the crevices and tones down the brightness of the gold paint.

The final technique is spattering. This is used a lot but is so subtle that you may not notice it unless you examine a piece closely. Just dip a dry toothbrush into paint and draw your thumbnail or a pallet knife quickly through the bristles to release a shower of fine dots. 

That's it! It visually lightened the piece tremendously. 

Do you like this new design trend? Do you prefer gold or silver...or something else? I would love to hear what you think and I hope you enjoyed your visit.

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  1. I am all for the gold! Your table turned out great. I have been on the search for a coffee table on CL to paint gold.